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Have Fondue the Vegetarian Way

lazy susan for fondue

Having fondue vegetarian style is a lot simpler than you may think.

You can create an entire meal out of it: cheese fondue, vegetarian shabu fondue and chocolate fondue.

Here are a few ideas on how to go about having your vegetarian fondue.

Fondue for Vegetarians

Fondue can be low-cal, low-carb, sugar-free, fat-free or vegetarian. Basically, you're the cook and you can dunk and dip whatever you feel like eating. If you are a strict vegetarian, you will have to be very careful with the ingredients that are included in your broth and dips, so it's best if you prepare it yourself from scratch.

Find fondue vegetarian dips here.

Cheese Fondue for Vegetarians

This particular type of fondue will be okay for some vegetarians while it won't be for others. Getting rid of the cheese all together defeats the purpose of having a cheese fondue, but there are soy-based cheeses on the market and perhaps you could consider having soy-based cheese fondue.

I have yet to try it myself, but I will definitely keep you posted when I do!

Main Meal Fondue for Vegetarians

Shabu shabu is one of my favorite meals and can be classified as vegetarian fondue, depending on what you throw in the pot. Shabu shabu is a Japanese fondue-style meal where you cook vegetables (cabbage, tomatoes, taro, corn, mushrooms, lettuce) in a boiling broth.

The only significant differences would be that chopsticks are normally used instead of forks and sometimes you get your own individual pot.

You can also add raw meat, seafood or tofu and other vegetarian dumpling-style bites. Obviously, you can skip the meat and make shabu shabu vegetarian style. You can purchase prepared broth (seafood, fish, mushroom, spicy tomato, soy or vegetable) or make your own.

Vegetarian Shabu Fondue

Vegetarian Fondue Recipe for Shabu

Shabu Dips

Mushroom Fondue

If you like mushrooms and cream, try this delicious Mushroom Fondue Recipe.

Chocolate Fondue for Vegetarians

Unless you also exclude milk products, chocolate fondue is very vegetarian friendly. There are a variety of recipes out there, including some other dessert fondue recipes and you can dip as many fruit slices as you want (and cake and cookies and whatever else you want to dip in delicious melted chocolate).

Was it so far fetched? Having fondue vegetarian style isn't impossible...


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Fun with Fondue is our monthly newsletter filled with fondue tips and ideas.

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