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Enjoy the Best Fondue Tonight

The best fondue can be enjoyed while engaged in lively conversation with family and friends or it can be the perfect romantic dinner for two.

Fondue Pot

This appetizer, meal or dessert involves taking the time to eat. It's all about enjoying the delicious experience that every bite has to offer, whether it's fruit in chocolate or caramel, bread in cheese, or tasty meat, seafood or vegetables cooked in oil or flavorful broth. Whatever you imagine can become reality.

This site provides you with all the tools and information you need to get started. You'll find dip recipes, delicious and easy cheese fondue recipes, meat, vegetarian and seafood recipes, and, of course, tasty chocolate and caramel desserts. We've got you covered.

Your taste buds are craving it, your friends are waiting for it... Go ahead and have fun. Do fondue tonight!

Don't know where to start? Browse our collection of recipes in the menu above.

If you like this site, please help me spread the word. After all, this is a communal meal that is best enjoyed with many wonderful friends who share a love and passion for the same type of food... And if you're missing any equipment, feel free to visit my online store, where you'll find everything you need. I recommend recipe books, pots, forks, plates, burners and even fuel.

I created this website and filled it with a collection of free recipes because I simply can't get enough of this delicious food! My family introduced me to broth fondue when I was just a kid and it's still my favorite meal thirty years later. You can learn more about me and my interests here.

Do you have questions about your equipment or how to set up your table? Sign up for my newsletter to receive monthly tips and recipes and you can also join our online community on Facebook where you can post about your own fondue events, questions and even receive help and advice from members of our community.

Learn How to Host a Great Oil Fondue Dinner

Get a complete menu for hosting a French-inspired Fondue Bourguignonne meal, including drink pairing recommendations, nutritional information, PDF invitations that can be personalized, and much more.

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