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Cheese Fondue Recipe

cheese fondue pot

Here's a splendid cheese fondue recipe that is perfect for festivities. In addition to the three varieties of cheese it contains (Gouda, cheddar and Swiss), it also includes cranberries, which provide some sparks of color instead of the regular and plain-looking traditional cheese fondue.

Of course, as with any fondue recipe, you have to ensure your fondue pot is adequate and will be able to provide the required amount of constant heat to prevent the cheese from hardening up. Cheese fondue pots normally have a gel or alcohol-based burner although most electric fondue sets will work.

If you're looking for a good quality cheese fondue pot, you may be interested in the Swissmar Lugano 9-Piece Cheese Fondue Set shown above. It retains heat very well and its wide opening is perfect for dipping bread and steamed veggies into cheese.

Delicious Cheese Fondue Recipe

15 ml(1 tbsp)Butter or margarine
1Garlic clove, thinly chopped
30 ml(2 tbsp)Chives, thinly chopped
250 ml(1 cup)Dry white wine like Chardonnay
80 ml(1/3 cup)Dried cranberries
5 ml(1 tsp)Dried rosemary
15 ml(1 tbsp)Cornstarch
115 g(1/4 lb)Swiss cheese, shredded
115 g(1/4 lb)Cheddar cheese, shredded
225 g(1/2 lb)Gouda cheese, rind removed and shredded
Pepper to taste
Assorted dippers such as steamed vegetables, fruit slices and pepperoni sticks

1. Turn on your fondue pot and melt the butter or margarine. Add the garlic and chives and cook for two minutes while stirring.

2. Add the wine, cranberries and rosemary and let it simmer until reduced to one third (it should take about 4 minutes).

3. With burner on low, add the cornstarch and shredded cheese, one handful at a time, until all the cheese is melted. With a wooden spoon, mix well and stir continuously.

4. Add pepper to taste.

5. If the mixture is too hard, add wine. If the mixture is too soft, add cheese.

6. Dip bite-sized pieces of bread, nuts, fruit or vegetables.

7. Let the dipped pieces cool off for a few seconds, then enjoy and repeat but no double-dipping!

Note: French baguette pieces make excellent dippers. You can also try steamed broccoli, apple slices or pepperoni sticks.

You can find an alcohol-free version of this recipe here and you can also find other cheddar fondue recipes, swiss fondue recipes and many other wine-based fondue recipes using the menu on this page.

If you enjoyed this cheese fondue recipe, you may want to try some dessert fondue recipes such as this white chocolate and cherry brandy fondue or caramel fondue.

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