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The best fondue can be enjoyed while engaged in lively conversation with family and friends or it can be the perfect romantic dinner for two.

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Having fondue as an appetizer, meal or dessert is taking the time to eat. It's enjoying the delicious experience that every bite has to offer, whether it's fruit in chocolate or caramel, bread in cheese, or tasty meat, seafood or vegetables in oil or flavorful broth. Whatever you imagine can become reality.

This site provides you with all the tools and information you need to have fun and do fondue tonight. You'll find dip recipes, low-fat recipes, delicious and easy cheese fondue recipes, meat, vegetarian and seafood recipes, and, of course, tasty dessert recipes such as chocolate and caramel fondue. We've got you covered.

Your taste buds are craving it, your friends are waiting for it... Go ahead and have fun. Do fondue tonight.

If you like this site, feel free to spread the word. After all, eating is best done with many wonderful friends who share a love and passion for the same type of food... And if you are missing any equipment, feel free to visit The Fondue Store, where you'll find anything you may need. We've got fondue recipe books, fondue pots, forks, plates, burners and even fuel.

Learn How to Host a Great Broth Fondue Dinner

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Easy Cheese Fondue Recipe
Try this easy cheese fondue recipe at your next fondue party. Delicious and easy to make.
Great Broth Fondue Recipes
Anxious about an upcoming dinner party? No worries. Try these great broth fondue recipes. They are wonderful for beef, chicken, lamb, pork or veggie fondue.
Fondue Dip Recipes
A fondue wouldn't be complete without a variety of fondue dip recipes. You'll find all sorts of easy fondue dipping sauces for your broth or oil fondue right here.
Choosing Fondue Oil
You want to have an oil-based fondue but are unsure of how to go about it? What type of fondue oil should you choose? How to do handle fondue bourguignonne? All your answers are here.
Dessert Fondue Recipes
After a delicious meal, there's nothing better than enjoying one of these tasty dessert fondue recipes. Try them out for yourself.
Dark Chocolate Fondue - Cognac Chocolate Fondue
This dark chocolate fondue recipe may have come with your chocolate fondue set. It's a basic and simple dark chocolate and brandy recipe that only has 3 ingredients. Try this recipe at your next fondue party.
All Fondue Sets, Pots and Equipment
All fondue sets have advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few things you should know about fondue equipment before buying (or using) your fondue kit.
The Best Fondue Store
The Best Fondue Store offers fondue equipment, fondue pots and fondue books for sale. Have your fondue kit shipped directly to your house.
Have Fondue the Vegetarian Way
You're a vegetarian but would like to try fondue? No problem. Have fondue the vegetarian way. Find some great recipes here.
Seafood Fondue Recipe: Fondue with Salmon, Swordfish and Shrimp
This seafood fondue recipe will please all seafood and fondue bourguignonne lovers. It's cooked in hot oil and contains shrimp, scallops, salmon and swordfish.
Sitemap All About Fondue
This all about fondue sitemap contains everything to know about fondue and lists all the pages on the Best Fondue website.
Best Fondue Blog
If you are looking for the latest and greatest additions to the Best Fondue site, you will find them here, on the Best Fondue Blog, along with the latest recipes and fondue information.

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