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Rival Electric Fondue Pot

You may have seen a Rival electric fondue pot in a store or online.

On this page, you'll find out if the Rival FD300D 3-Quart Fondue Pot is the perfect fondue pot for you and your family.

Overall, this pot is very well rated and fairly inexpensive, but it has a few small flaws that may be important to you. Keep reading to learn more.

Rival Fondue Pot

This particular fondue pot appears to be a replacement for the older FD350S stainless steel electric fondue pot.

The FD300D Rival electric fondue pot is not overly expensive and will do a great job for all types of fondue: cheese, broth, hot oil and chocolate (and any other dessert fondue)... not to mention other non-fondue purposes such as serving hot chili, soup, etc.

It was created with "ease of use" in mind. With cool to the touch handles, a non-stick finish and fully immersible pot (after removing the power cord), taking a hot pot to the counter to let it cool before cleaning it by hand is easy!

Although the pot comes with 8 forks, I would recommend it for 4 people (2 forks each).

The wide opening makes it easy to dip bread into melted cheese and the fork holder ring also serves as a small splash guard when doing oil fondue.

The electrical cord is connected with a magnetic breakaway plug, which should disconnect in the event someone trips on the cord (instead of pulling the pot and potentially spilling the contents of your fondue pot). Of course, there is no flame with electric pots, so this fondue pot is a lot safer when children are at the table.

Potential Problems with this Rival Electric Fondue Pot

On the down side, you may be slightly annoyed by the length of the electrical cord (it's quite short) and it isn't the fanciest looking pot, but it does the job well and you could use an extension cord if needed.

Please keep in mind that the interior is coated with standard non-stick material, so you'll want to avoid using metal utensils, which could possibly scrape away the coating and leave residues in your food. Of course, you can still use the fondue forks, but try to hide the pointy ends with your dippers so the metal forks don't come in contact with the bottom of the pot.

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Fun with Fondue is our monthly newsletter filled with fondue tips and ideas.

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