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Manjar Blanco Fondue Recipe

condensed milk for manjar blanco fondue

This manjar blanco fondue recipe was suggested by Augusto, a fondue fan like me. He describes it as South American milk caramel fondue, aka "Manjar blanco" in Chile, "Dulce de Leche" in Argentina, and he says it probably has similar names elsewhere.

I have tried dulce de leche before and I absolutely loved it. I haven't tried this one (because I am traveling at the moment) but he says that he loves this recipe and the people whom he's shared it with in Canada have responded very well to it!

Easy Recipe for Manjar Blanco

3 cans Condensed Milk 14 oz (NOT opened)
1 Slice of lemon
A few dropsVanilla extract (optional - for dulce de leche)
Assortment of Dippers

1. Place the unopened cans of condensed milk in a pressure cooker, covered with water.

2. Add a slice of lemon to the water to avoid staining of the pressure cooker.

3. Cook for 35 to 40 minutes. (Note, if you don't have a pressure cooker, you can cook the cans in a regular pot for 90 to 120 minutes.)

4. Cool cans, then scoop out the contents into your fondue pot.

5. For "dulce de leche," add a few drops of vanilla extract. For "manjar blanco," add nothing.

6. Dip bite-sized pieces of various dippers using a fondue fork.

Fondue Dippers

Most fruits and desserts make excellent dippers for caramel fondue but here are the dippers that Augusto recommends:

  • ladyfingers
  • marshmallows
  • strawberries
  • wafers
  • chocolates
  • bonbons

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