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Complete Guides to Fondue

versatile electric fondue pot

Would you love to try fondue, but feel a little intimidated by it all?

Do you wonder how all of it fits together?

Don't worry. I've got you covered.

I've created complete guides to help you host great fondue events in your home. You'll find everything you need:

  • Complete Menu with appetizers, main meal, desserts and recommended drinks
  • Recipes with detailed instructions, pictures and nutritional information
  • Complete shopping list, broken up by grocery departments
  • Timeline (when to do each task, so everything is ready on time)
  • Decoration, entertainment and ambiance ideas
  • PDF invitations
  • And more!

Current Inventory of Fondue E-Books

Here's my current inventory of complete fondue event e-books, and how you can get your hands on them:

Volume 1: Complete Guide to a Mexican-Style Cheese fondue for 4 people.

This e-book is a freebie when you sign up for my newsletter.  Yeah, free stuff! (see top left corner of the page to sign up).This e-book is a freebie when you sign up for my newsletter.  Yeah, free stuff! (see bottom of the page to sign up). Volume 1

Volume 2: Complete Guide to a Greek-Inspired Beef Broth Fondue Dinner for 4 people.

This e-book is available for sale here.

BestFondue volume 2: Greek-Inspired Broth Fondue

Volume 3: Complete Guide to a French Fondue Bourguignonne Dinner for 4 people.

This complete oil fondue guide can be purchased here.

BestFondue volume 3: French Oil Fondue

Volume 4: Coming Soon

I plan to publish a new volume every few months, so stay posted!

What Fondue Readers Say About These E-Books

"Well thought out, well illustrated, left nothing to chance if I wanted to do a Mexican themed event."
- Margaret
"I love the step-by-step prep and planning guide."- Heidi
"It is very comprehensive with lots of detailed ideas!"- Deanna

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Special Fondue Requests?

If you'd like me to create a fondue e-book with a particular theme and/or for a specific number of people, don't hesitate to contact me. If/when I create an e-book based on your suggestion, I'll send you a free copy to thank you for your valuable input!

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BestFondue volume 3: French Oil Fondue

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