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How "Best Fondue" Came to Be

Creator of Best Fondue.comHi! My name is Caroline Bégin and this page will tell you a little more about me.

I am the writer and webmaster for and I am also the creator, writer and Webmaster for and

Fondue has always been my favorite meal.

Mind you, as a kid, the only version I was ever exposed to was broth-based beef fondue. Anyone who knows me is aware that they have to double the required quantity of beef if I'm coming over to have fondue.

Mmmmm.... Fondue...

To this day, beef fondue is still my favorite type of fondue. I'll admit that caramel fondue comes a close second but it doesn't really count as a meal.

I have gathered several fondue recipes on this site as well as a few tips to make your fondue night a pleasant event. Feel free to visit my Fondue Store to get the fondue mixes or equipment you may be missing for your next fondue night.

Have Fun and Enjoy Fondue Tonight!

More About Me


In addition to being a huge fondue fan, I am also a published novelist who builds websites and travels the world on a very tight budget.

You can read the first three chapters of my thriller/suspense novel entitled Twisting Fate for free here.

And of course, I'd love it if you purchased my book and left me a positive review...! Thank you.

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