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World Chocolate Day – Fun with Fondue, Issue #65
July 03, 2019


The one thing in my life I couldn’t live without. (Ok, there might be like 2 or 3 other things, but it is definitely towards the top.)

One of the best things about chocolate is how versatile it is. It literally goes with everything. Wine, fruit, bread, cheese… I can go on. It makes a great end to your day, especially after a long day of work or running kids around. See below for chocolate fondue recipe and dipper ideas that can be used for unwinding at the end of your day or even for a summer party.

Monthly Fondue Tip

Chocolate Fondue Dipper Ideas

Want to have a snack but not sure what? I recommend chocolate fondue. The possibilities are endless with what you use to dip, but the result is the same: pure bliss!

Here are some ideas for dippers, including presentation if you are planning a party.

world chocolate day - chocolate fondue ideas

View the full Pinterest board with dipper ideas.

To make it more special for a party, I recommend renting or buying a chocolate fountain!

Monthly Recipe Idea

So you got your fountain (or chocolate fondue pot) and all your dippers ready… now here are two amazing chocolate fondue recipes to complete them.

Food For Thought

“Once we hit forty, women only have about four taste buds left: one for vodka, one for wine, one for cheese, and one for chocolate.”

- Gina Barreca

That's it for now. I hope you celebrate World Chocolate Day every day this month (July 7th)!

Feel free to visit the site and browse through the collection of fondue recipes.

You'll hear back from me next month as we prepare for back to school!

Until then, be careful with open flames and have fun with fondue!


Caroline Begin (en français)

P.S. New to meat fondue? Get the complete guide to hosting a Greek-Inspired beef broth fondue dinner today!

BestFondue volume 2: Greek-Inspired Broth Fondue

P.P.S. Or try fondue bourguignonne. Get the complete guide to hosting a French-Inspired beef oil fondue dinner today!

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