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Fun with Fondue #13 -- Outdoor Fondue - Summer Camping Treat
May 14, 2013

It feels like summer outside and with Victoria Day (Canada) and Memorial Day (USA) long weekends coming up, many of us will be spending more time outdoors.

While fondue is traditionally enjoyed indoors, there is nothing preventing us from enjoying it outside! I'll suggest a few outdoor fondue recipes in this month's newsletter.

I'd also like to mention an upcoming fondue accessory that is sure to impress your guests: LED fondue forks!

illuminated fondue forks

If you'd like to learn more about these illuminated forks or be notified as soon as they are available for purchase, please email me at [email protected].

Monthly Fondue Tip - Call for Questions

I don't have a particular tip to offer this month... Instead, I'd like you to send me your fondue questions.

Whether you're a new or experienced fondue fan, I'd love to hear your questions or comments. I will then answer your questions in the monthly newsletter and/or create a new fondue page just for you.

Please send me your questions by email at [email protected].

Monthly Recipe Recommendations

Outdoor Cheese Fondue

If you have access to a camping stove and a few tea lights, you can have cheese fondue in the great outdoors. The idea is to get everything melted on the camping stove, then keep the cheese mixture warm using tea lights.

I recommend you try this cranberry and cheese fondue with various pre-cooked meats (pepperoni, ham), bread and apple slices. Delicious! You should also read Ryan's Facebook suggestions for dippers at the bottom of the page.

Outdoor Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate fondue is another option. The trick here is to melt the chocolate slowly, add a little bit of cream and optional liqueur, then keep the chocolate mixture warm over tea lights while dipping pieces of fresh fruit into it.

Because you're outdoors, you should also have some graham crackers and marshmallows to dip in there as well for fondue-style 'Smores!

Any chocolate fondue recipe will do, but here's a tasty Toblerone fondue recipe. If you don't have Toblerone chocolate, you can use any dark, milk or semi-sweet chocolate and it will work just fine.

Have fun and let me know how your outdoor fondue goes!

Food For Thought

"Wine is the intellectual part of a meal while meat is the material."

- Alexandre Dumas (1802-1870)

That's it for now. Feel free to visit our site and browse through our collection of fondue recipes.

You'll hear back from me in a few weeks.

Until then, be careful with open flames, and have fun with fondue!


Caroline Begin

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