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Fun with Fondue #39 - Happy Father's Day
June 10, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

I'm a little early, but I wanted to share the amazing 50% OFF Men’s and Boys’ bibs + Free Shipping Coupon Code: DAD50 at Flirty Aprons through 6/12. And while you're ordering something for your dad/hubby/other important man in your life, don't forget to get yourself a beautiful flirty apron of your own!

Summer's official arrival is a few weeks away and while fondue is traditionally enjoyed indoors, there is nothing preventing us from enjoying it outside! I'll suggest a few outdoor fondue recipes along with some fondue-related games in this month's newsletter.

Monthly Fondue Tip - Fondue Games

Do you want to tease those who lose their dippers in the pot? Adding games and punishments to your fondue events can definitely spice things up!

You can read my recommended fondue punishments here.

How about making a game out of stealing your friends' dippers without getting caught? Learn how this game started for me and how you too can play the fondue fork thievery game during your next fondue dinner.

Looking to plan an extraordinary fondue event? I recommend hosting a murder mystery fondue night. I've done it and it can be a lot of fun with the right crowd! Read more here.

Monthly Recipe Idea

Outdoor Cheese Fondue

With long summer evenings ahead of us, if you have access to a camping stove and a few tea lights, you can have cheese fondue in the great outdoors. The idea is to get everything melted on the camping stove, then you can keep the cheese mixture warm using tea lights.

I recommend you try this cranberry and cheese fondue with various pre-cooked meats (pepperoni, ham), bread and apple slices. Delicious! You should also read Ryan's Facebook suggestions for dippers at the bottom of the page.

Outdoor Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate fondue is another option. The trick here is to melt the chocolate slowly, add a little bit of cream and optional liqueur, then keep the chocolate mixture warm over tea lights while dipping pieces of fresh fruit into it.

Because you're outdoors, keep your fruit under plastic wrap (or otherwise covered) until you begin to eat so the flies and bees don't partake! You should also have some graham crackers and marshmallows to dip in there as well for fondue-style 'Smores!

Any chocolate fondue recipe will do, but here's a tasty Toblerone fondue recipe. If you don't have Toblerone chocolate, you can use any dark, milk or semi-sweet chocolate and it will work just fine.

Have fun and let me know how your outdoor fondue goes!

Food For Thought

"How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?"

- Charles de Gaulle

That's it for this month.

Want more fondue tips and ideas? Browse through my collection of fondue recipes or explore my fondue site in French.

Until next month, be careful with open flames, and have fun with fondue!


Caroline Begin

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