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National Cheese Fondue Day – Fun with Fondue, Issue #62
April 11, 2019

Happy National Cheese Fondue Day! As if you needed a special day to enjoy the cheesy deliciousness of fondue… but we will happily celebrate it!

Below you will see a recipe for how to celebrate this special day in all its glory, as well as a little information about different Swiss Cheeses.

Monthly Fondue Tip

Swiss Cheese Beyond the Holes

Are you familiar with the different types of Swiss cheeses? Here is a quick rundown of different ones:

  • Emmental (or Emmentaler): It is named after the region in Switzerland where it first was made around 800 years ago. It is a semi-hard, yellow cheese with a mildly nutty, buttery taste. It is the most similar to the traditional “Swiss” cheese known to Americans.
  • Gruyère: Named for the town of origin in Switzerland, gruyère cheese is a light yellow, firm cheese and has a creamy, slightly nutty taste. It is the second-most common cheese used for fondue (behind Emmental).
  • Appenzeller: Appenzellerland, a region in Northeast Switzerland, is the home of this spicy Swiss cheese. The production of this cheese is highly regulated and limited, in fact, the recipe of the brine that is used to make it is locked away.

For more information about different Swiss cheeses, check out this site here.

Monthly Recipe Idea

Now that you know a little more about three popular kinds of Swiss cheese (or more if you checked out the site), below is a recipe that combines the three into a cheesy goodness.

You can use this cheese with any dipper your heart desires, such as bread, veggies, or cooked meat like sausages.

Food For Thought

“Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.”

- J. K Chesterton

That's it for now. Happy National Cheese Fondue Day! I hope you celebrate it with all the cheese!

Feel free to visit the site and browse through the collection of fondue recipes.

You'll hear back from me next month as we celebrate another fondue-related holiday!

Until then, be careful with open flames and have fun with fondue!


Caroline Begin (en français)

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