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Fun with Fondue #28 -- Fondue for Valentine's Day
January 31, 2015

Cupid's annual visit is fast approaching. You may spend it with your partner, or hang out with friends or family, but I hope your plans will incorporate chocolate!

Being a diehard fondue fan, I can't help but recommend that you include chocolate fondue in your menu this Valentine's Day. It's easy to make and everyone loves chocolate, right?

Monthly Recipe Idea

This chocolate fondue is the perfect ending to a tasty meal or can be enjoyed as a stand-alone snack. It's easy to make and only requires three ingredients + whatever fruit/dessert pieces you want to dip in the minty chocolate mixture. Although the recipe calls for semi-sweet chocolate chips, you can use milk chocolate or dark chocolate as well.

Prefer to use high quality Belgium chocolate for your Valentine's Day chocolate fondue? I recommend Sephra Chocolate & Fondue - Use Coupon Code 'SEPHRACF' for 10% Off on any 4lb box of Chocolate.

Fondue Tip of The Month

When melting chocolate, you should follow the instructions in the recipe link shown above.

You may be tempted to put it in a microwavable bowl and cook it on ‘high’ for a few minutes or put it on direct heat on the stove top. Please DON'T! You’ll end up ‘burning’ your chocolate or turning it into a lumpy and grainy mess.

Once burnt, you can’t fix it. You’ll need to get new chocolate.

So… How do you melt chocolate in the microwave?

Slowly and on low power.

  1. Break it into chunks (the smaller the better, but no need to go crazy).
  2. Melt it on ‘low’ for about 30 seconds at a time.
  3. Check, stir and repeat until fully melted (last intervals will likely be shorter).

Time will vary depending on your microwave and how ‘low’ you can go. Some people may be able to get away with ’60-second intervals’ (especially for the first couple of times), but as your chocolate starts melting, reduce the time, and go with 15 second bursts (always on low power).

It’s important to stir each time, even though a quick visual inspection may indicate that your chunks haven’t melted much. It’s because chocolate will melt from the inside-out in the microwave, so looks can be deceiving.

Note: make sure to use a ‘dry’ spoon to stir your chocolate. You can keep re-using the same spoon (and leave whatever chocolate on it), but don’t rinse your spoon or do anything that would ‘add water’ to your chocolate as it will make the mixture clumpy.

Food For Thought

"There is no love sincerer than the love of food."

- George Bernard Shaw

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That's it for now. Want more fondue tips and ideas?

Visit the site and browse through my collection of fondue recipes or explore my fondue site in French.

You'll hear back from me in a few weeks.

Until then, be careful with open flames, and have fun with fondue!


Caroline Begin

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