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Fun with Fondue #12 -- Fondue for Easter? - French Fondue Anyone?
March 25, 2013

Spring is officially here, and, with less than a week to go before Easter, chocolate is on my mind 24/7!

Whether you're planning a quiet dinner at home or a feast for your entire extended family, you can incorporate fondue in your Easter plans as a main meal, appetizer or even dessert.

If you speak French, you'll be glad to hear that I've built a French fondue site. It only contains a few recipes at the moment, but it will grow over time. If you can't wait to see your favorite recipe translated in French, drop me a line and tell me which recipe(s) you'd like to see in French in the near future and I'll make sure to translate them first.

What is Fondue Bourguignonne?

While creating the French site, I remembered a question Renato sent me a few months ago about "Fondue bourguignonne."

This French expression is used when talking about "oil fondue." The most popular type of "Fondue bourguignonne" involves cooking tender beef cubes in oil, but it can also be used to describe all types of oil fondue.

Oil fondue normally involves "cubes" of meat. Dipping sauces are an important part of serving fondue bourguignonne.

What is Fondue Chinoise?

In case you were wondering, "broth fondue" is called "Fondue Chinoise" in French, (Chinese fondue), and it makes sense when you compare it to "shabu shabu" or "hot pots" served in China, Japan and Korea.

While the use of fondue forks isn't part of the traditional Chinese broth fondue, the overall meal is quite similar, where guests cook a variety of meat, meat-alternatives, vegetables, noodles, etc. in a large pot of boiling broth and dip their cooked dippers into a soy-based dipping sauce.

Broth fondue aka fondue chinoise is normally served with very thin slices of meats and a selection of dipping sauces.

Monthly Recipe Recommendation

If you're planning on serving fondue as a meal on Easter, I highly recommend this delicious broth recipe, inspired by the French "Coq au vin" dish. Red wine is added to the broth, and you can cook thin slices of chicken, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms in it.

You'll also find a list of recommended dippers and dipping sauces on the recipe page.

French Fondue Site

As you can probably tell by the information in this month's newsletter, French (the language) and French food have been on my mind a lot this month! Here is my new French fondue site:

Don't hesitate to contact me if you notice anything wrong with the site or if you'd like to see a specific recipe translated in French in the near future. Contact me by email with your comments.

Food For Thought

"When wine enters, out goes the truth."

- Benjamin Franklin

That's it for now. Feel free to visit our site and browse through our collection of fondue recipes.

You'll hear back from me in a few weeks.

Until then, be careful with open flames, and have fun with fondue!


Caroline Begin

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