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Fun with Fondue #49 - Festive Fondue Fun for the Holidays
December 02, 2017

Happy December!

Festive fondue fun with fondue wishes you and your family a wonderful holiday season!

Are you scrambling to find a menu for one of your festive occasions? This newsletter contains lots of great ideas so you can have some festive fondue fun before the year ends.

Monthly Fondue Tip

Festive Fondue Fun

Are you hosting a party this holiday season? Do you like to play games and tease your guests? How about those unfortunate people who lose their dippers in the fondue pot? Adding games and punishments to your fondue evenings can definitely spice things up!

You can read my recommended fondue punishments here.

How about making a game out of stealing your friends' dippers without getting caught? Learn how this game started for me and how you too can play the fondue fork thievery game during your next fondue dinner.

Monthly Recipe Ideas

Fondue as a Snack or Appetizer

If you have people walking around and snacking on various things, then the following cheese fondue recipe with red cranberries and green onions, served with pieces of French baguette, green and red apple slices, pepperoni slices and steamed broccoli florets would be wonderfully festive:

Cheese fondue

Fondue as an Entrée

If your family wants to sit down, chat, relax and laugh over a delicious meal, then I recommend broth or oil fondue. Considering all the rich meals you'll be having over the holidays, broth fondue may make a lot of sense with its lower calorie count.

Never had or hosted a broth fondue dinner? I've got all of the information you'll need, complete with a full menu (appetizers, home-made broth, perfectly paired dips, side dishes and dessert), tips and organized grocery list here:

How to Host a Greek-Inspired Beef Broth Fondue Dinner

BestFondue volume 2: Greek-Inspired Broth Fondue

If you prefer a decadent oil fondue, then you may be interested in this perfectly paired oil-fondue meal with a French twist:

Fondue as a Dessert

You can't go wrong with chocolate fondue. Toblerone seems to be a popular chocolate choice over the holidays, so why not use it to make chocolate fondue?

Serve it with a selection of fresh fruit or dessert bites (donuts, poundcake, soft pretzel, etc.)

Food For Thought

"Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious."

- Ruth Reichl

That's it for now. Want more fondue tips and ideas?

Visit the site and browse through my collection of fondue recipes or explore my fondue site in French.

You'll hear back from me in 2018.

Happy Holidays!
May December include plenty of delicious meals shared with fantastic friends.

Until then, be careful with open flames, and have fun with fondue!


Caroline Begin (en français)

P.S. New to meat fondue? Get the complete guide to hosting a Greek- Inspired beef broth fondue dinner today!

BestFondue volume 2: Greek-Inspired Broth Fondue

P.P.S. Or try fondue bourguignonne. Get the complete guide to hosting a French-Inspired beef oil fondue dinner today!

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