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Fun with Fondue #20 -- Easter Egg Hunt Chocolate Fondue
April 14, 2014

Thank you to everyone who answered my survey last month. The Onetopick fondue forks were awarded to Marlene Goertzen of St. Catharines, ON, Canada (they should be shipped soon!)

Thanks to your feedback, I'll be improving the site and creating various social channels for you to ask fondue questions to the whole community, share pictures from your events, and even promote fondue events, like the one mentioned near the end of this newsletter.

I've even recorded a few videos that I'll soon post on YouTube, so you'll finally get to 'meet' me (or at least know what I look and sound like).

I'm also excited about the upcoming BestFondue ebook Volume 2, see below. It'll be REALLY tasty!

Easter Egg Hunt Chocolate Fondue

Easter is just a few days away. Why not combine your annual Easter Egg Hunt with a chocolate fondue this year? Hide chocolate eggs throughout the house, on the porch or in various places, have the kids find them, then unwrap and place them in the fondue pot while you cut some fresh fruit to dip in the melted chocolate.

Any kind of chocolate eggs will do.

Here's a basic recipe that you can tweak:

You can also add extra flavoring (like liqueur, vanilla, peppermint, etc. - what you pick will depend on the types/flavours of the Easter eggs you used.)

Facebook to Share Fondue Pictures, Ask Questions...

I invite you to share your fondue pictures and ask fondue questions on the Facebook page I created for you. It's pretty empty right now, but I think it'll become a great place to share information, recipes and inspire each other.

I'd love it if you could 'like' the page, and start posting your fondue questions there. I'll be reviewing the page and answering questions regularly, but feel free to answer other fondue fans' questions as well! The more input, the better!

My hope for this Facebook page is to build a thriving community where everyone who loves fondue can share pictures and ask questions to other fondue fans. Assuming we reach a certain size, I plan to get fondue equipment manufacturers involved and reward the most active participants with free fondue equipment or accessories.

Fondue e-Book Volume 2 is coming!

BestFondue Volume 2 will be the complete guide for a Greek-inspired beef broth fondue dinner, complete with drinks, side dishes, dips, desserts, decoration ideas, printable invitations, shopping list, etc.

I tested my recipes with friends last month and we were rolling off the table. It was SO good but I had prepared way too much food, so I have to adjust my recipes a bit. I hope to have it finalized and up for sale before the end of May.

Mobile Website

As you may have noticed, the site has been modified so it's easier to view on smartphones and tablets. If you notice any problems, please let me know by email.

Fondue Event in Bristol, UK

Katie, one of our readers, is hosting a pop-up fondue restaurant event in Bristol, UK, from April 25 to 27. Find out more on Facebook:

Food For Thought

"Your hand and your mouth agreed many years ago that, as far as chocolate is concerned, there is no need to involve your brain."

- Dave Barry

That's it for now. Want more fondue tips and ideas? Visit our site and browse through our collection of fondue recipes or explore our new fondue site in French.

You'll hear back from me in a few weeks.

Until then, be careful with open flames, and have fun with fondue!


Caroline Begin

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