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Quarantined for Easter? Here’s a fun idea! – Fun with Fondue, Issue #75
April 01, 2020

Happy Spring! Well, a lot sure has changed in the past month. If you will likely be spending your Easter in quarantine, I think you can make it special and fun for the kids (and maybe start a new tradition) with Easter fondue.

I truly hope that every one of you is staying safe and healthy during this time.

Monthly Fondue Tip

Easter Egg Hunt Chocolate Fondue

Easter is just a few days away. Why not combine your annual Easter Egg Hunt with a chocolate fondue this year? Hide chocolate eggs throughout the house, on the porch or in various places, have the kids find them, then unwrap and place them in the fondue pot while you cut some fresh fruit to dip in the melted chocolate.

Any kind of chocolate eggs will do! (or even chocolate chips if you didn’t get any Easter candy). Don’t have fresh fruit? Bake some cookies, brownies, or different breads using whatever you have on hand. Anything that can be dipped in chocolate is good to use!

Monthly Recipe Recommendation

Easter Egg Chocolate Fondue

Here's a basic recipe that you can tweak:

Chocolate Fondue Recipe

You can add extra flavoring (like liqueur, vanilla, peppermint, etc. - what you pick will depend on the types/flavors of the Easter eggs you used.)

Food For Thought

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.”

- Linda Grayson

That's it for now. I truly hope that all of you are staying safe and healthy! I will be next back next month with another idea for fondue entertainment.

Feel free to visit the site and browse through the collection of fondue recipes.

Until then, be careful with open flames and have fun with fondue!


Caroline Begin (en français)

P.S. New to meat fondue? Get the complete guide to hosting a Greek-Inspired beef broth fondue dinner today!

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P.P.S. Or try fondue bourguignonne. Get the complete guide to hosting a French-Inspired beef oil fondue dinner today!

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