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Fun with Fondue #24 -- Broth Fondue - The Healthiest Type of Fondue
September 02, 2014

September's already here. Depending on where you live, BBQ season will soon be wrapping up, so we'll have to take our social meals indoors.

Fortunately for us, fondue is the perfect meal to share with family and friends, especially on cooler nights.

This month, I'll talk about the healthiest type of fondue: broth fondue, so you can decide if you'd like to give it a try. It's been my favorite type of fondue for over 30 years!

What is Broth Fondue?

Broth fondue isn't anything like chocolate or cheese fondue, but it shares a few things with oil fondue. It's really flavorful, social, and best of all, it's probably the 'healthiest' of fondues (at least when it comes to calorie count and fat content).

What Pots Are Suitable for Broth Fondue?

Oil or broth fondue pots have to withstand higher temperatures, that's why they're made of copper, stainless steel or cast iron. Broth fondue burners normally use liquid alcohol, and you'll have to keep your burner at maximum heat most of the meal so your meat can cook fairly fast. Broth and oil fondue pots have a 'splatter guard' that also serves to hold your fondue forks in place while the meat cooks.

Of course, many electrical fondue pots are suitable for broth fondue, and many fondue pot makers now offer versatile pots that are suitable for various types of fondue.

Here's a broth fondue pot (it also has the 'ceramic insert' that turns your pot into a double-boiler so you can use the same pot for oil, broth, cheese and chocolate fondue.)

Oil Vs. Broth Fondue

Oil fondue requires meat cubes and broth fondue requires thinly sliced meat (as thin as shaved roast beef or other deli-type meat slices). If you can't find broth fondue meat in the freezer section of your grocery store or in Asian grocery stores, ask your butcher to freeze an eye-of- round piece and slice it at the thinnest setting. The richness of the dips and side dishes will also vary from oil to broth fondue, but the idea and overall meal process is similar.

Fondue Dipping Sauces

Broth fondue, like oil fondue, uses 'dipping sauces' which are used AFTER you cook your meat. I recommend you prepare at least 3 dipping sauces for your guests to try.

Here's a brief overview of the broth fondue cooking process:

1- Wrap a slice of raw meat around your fork and cook it in hot broth.
2- Transfer the cooked meat to your plate to cool it off a little.
3- Use a regular fork to dip your piece of meat into a dipping sauce and enjoy!

While you could serve just the meat and dipping sauces, this would make for a very plain meal.... I recommend you also prepare side dishes for your guests (salad, potatoes or rice, bread, etc.)

This is just an overview of what broth fondue is about.

If you'd like to give it a try but are unsure how to pair dips, broth and side dishes, you can learn a lot more and get perfectly paired recipes for a complete beef broth fondue meal by purchasing the Complete Guide to Hosting a Greek-Inspired Beef Broth Fondue Dinner. This ebook comes with a lot more than recipes. You can read the full description of everything you'll get here.

Monthly Recipe Idea

If you'd like to test out a quick and easy beef broth dinner at home but don't like to cook, you can use Lipton Onion Recipe Soup Mix for broth and purchase pre-made dips (look for them in the marinade or Asian/Indian food aisles).

If you're like me and prefer to make everything from scratch, you can make this beef broth and pick a few dip recipes from here.

Unsure how to pair various flavor profiles?

I recommend the recipes in the Complete Guide to Hosting a Greek-Inspired Beef Broth Fondue Dinner. You'll get 9 perfectly paired recipes along with countless tips so you can impress your guests with a delicious beef broth fondue meal that includes an appetizer, beef broth, three dips, side dishes and dessert. Purchase the complete ebook today!

BestFondue volume 2: Greek-Inspired Broth Fondue

Food For Thought

"Wine is sure proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."

- Benjamin Franklin

That's it for now. Want more fondue tips and ideas?

Visit the site and browse through my collection of fondue recipes or explore my fondue site in French.

You'll hear back from me in a few weeks.

Until then, be careful with open flames, and have fun with fondue!


Caroline Begin

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