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Meat Fondue Recipes

There are many ways to incorporate meat in your fondue nights. These meat fondue recipes will give you many options, from broth-based fondues to hot oil fondues (also called fondue bourguignonne).

You can use the menu on the left of the page to choose your favorite type of meat.

Depending on the type of fondue you're having, the meat can be thinly sliced (broth based fondue) or diced (hot oil fondue). Meatballs can also be used in hot oil fondue.

Fondue Bourguignonne - Hot Oil Fondue

This type of meat fondue is probably the easiest, tastiest and fastest meat fondue to prepare but it is also the most dangerous and most fattening meat fondue recipe. There is a time and place for everything, so you can decide what best suits your fondue party.

It is extremely important to use the right fondue equipment for hot oil fondue. Make sure to read these hot oil fondue tips before you get started.

Broth Based Fondue

This type of meat fondue is a little more time consuming but can be as tasty as the hot oil fondue. Most importantly, you get to choose exactly what goes in the broth, so you can make it as healthy as possible.

Similarly to hot oil fondue, you need to use the right fondue equipment. The fondue pot for hot oil fondue is the same as the fondue pot for broth-based fondue.

If you want to find out more about meat fondue recipes and other fondue recipes, visit this page or click on any of the fondue recipes listed on the left.

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