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Fondue Plate

How to Find a Set of Plates...
and Use them Properly

Black Fondue Plate

Finding the ideal fondue plate and learning how to use it is easy. If you are having meat fondue, you want your guests to be able to have separate areas where they can keep their raw meat and their cooked meat.

This is why you need to have this important fondue accessory, especially if you are having chicken fondue. You don't want to poison your guests with salmonella, do you?

Feel free to visit the online fondue store where I recommend plenty of high-quality fondue equipment and pre-made fondue mixes.

Picking the Best Fondue Plates

Trudeau fondue plates

What makes a plate the perfect plate? Some people prefer square fondue plates over round fondue plates. They come in different colors to match your kitchen color scheme or the theme of the evening.

There are different types of plates with different compartment layouts. Depending on the number of fondue dips you will be serving, I recommend the Trudeau Round 10 Inch Fondue Plates shown above.

I have two of these sets of Trudeau plates at home and I love them because they have so many small compartments. These compartments are ideal for dips, as you can see on the picture above.

Because I normally serve broth-based beef fondue, I place the raw meat on regular plates between people and I let my guests keep their cooked meat as well as rice or other side-dishes in the middle of their own fondue plates with compartments.

I make several dips for beef fondue and I let them put as much dip as they want in these smaller compartments. You could also have small side-dished in these (maybe peas or corn) or keep the raw meat in these compartments.

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